Beautiful But Brutal

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What to expect

A conversation to begin with. Either via email or phone. I want to know your darkest desires and then tell you mine. You can write a long list of things you want. But you have to remember this is not about what you want. You are here to please me! I will incorporate your kinks if they match mine. I have a broad and varied list of filthy fetishes. I want to build ongoing interactions with you, to learn you, what makes you tick, how I can best manipulate you. For that reason committed subs are preferred. Tourists to BDSM are also welcome, and I can arrange a kinky play buffet for you guys or girls.

dominatrix, dungeon, whips, mistress, latex, bdsm, domme, femdom, pro-domme, sadist

Perversion Management

Do you have constant cravings for deviant play? Fantasies of being beneath an elegant dominant female? Suffering at the hands of a goddess? I am a professional BDSM enthusiast. I do this because I love it. I offer corporal punishment, electro, sensory deprivation, tease and denial, chastity play to list a few.

I have access to 2 dungeons in Sussex. Brighton or Gatwick. (See my blog post on the dungeons and their differences).

Send me your thoughts
dominatrix, mistress, bdsm, dungeon, latex, kink, roleplay, femdom, pro-domme, domme

Fetishes that delight me

I want total submission and loyalty. I will want to own your desperate erections and control your cum.
Denial is a particular pleasure of mine. On every level. Chastity and key holding is an option. (But you'll have to convince me your cock is worth owning. )
Cock & ball torture is such fun, and crushing your body parts will delight me. 

Foot / Boot worship, I love wearing heels, hosiery and having my feet tickled, rubbed, licked. I will train you to do it exactly how I like it!
Cross dressing - This act signifies the role reversal. & a man in frilly panties is so hot!

Role play - Medical play, interrogation, bitch boss - Tie you up and torment you! 


Corporal punishment

Whipping you into sub space is and always will be my favourite thing. I am an elegantly evil sadist. Using my range of whips, paddles, floggers and canes I will get you to squeal, scream and weep involuntarily. Begging for mercy will turn me on.


Anal training

That g-spot your hiding from me wants to be found & owned. Strapon play, plugging, g-spot massage, milking can all be achieved by the committed sub. You will bent over & stretched. We will discuss hard limits and have safewords. As long you have been honest and given all requested info, you can hand me control, lay back & melt into me.


Cross Dressing / TV's are my favourite dolls to play with. The more masculine you are the more I like to see you in my lingerie. We can just play dress up or I can bend you over, if you promise to be the best slut you can be for me.

To be led astray, walk this way

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Mistress Cat LeBeau

London & Brighton (United Kingdom)

Email Tel: +447768 605534

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