Beautiful But Brutal

Femdom, brighton dominatrix, gatwick domme, bdsm blog, whips, bondage, dungeon

What to expect

You can write a long list of things you want. But you have to remember this is not about what you want. You are here to please me! I will incorporate your kinks if they match mine. I have a broad and varied list of filthy fetishes. I want to build ongoing interactions with you, to learn what makes you tick, how I can best manipulate you. For that reason committed subs are preferred. Tourists to BDSM are also welcome, and I can arrange a kinky play buffet for you guys or girls.

Femdom, brighton dominatrix, gatwick domme, bdsm blog, whips, bondage, dungeon, latex, boot worship

Perversion Management

Do you have constant cravings for deviant play? Fantasies of being beneath an elegant dominant female? I am a professional BDSM enthusiast. I do this because I love it. I offer corporal punishment, electro, sensory deprivation, tease and denial, chastity play to list a few.

I have access to 2 dungeons in East & West Sussex.. (See my blog post on the dungeons and their differences here: https://mistresscat.co.uk/blog/f/the-dungeons ).

About me

brighton dominatrix, gatwick mistress, brighton mistress, femdom, brighton domme, dungeon, latex

Professional Dominatrix

What started out as fun, years later has become a passion. I am dedicated to increasing my kinky skills. Despite having strong experience, I still learn new things all the time. The demand for what I do & how I do it is on the increase, so if you cannot get an appointment immediately. Be patient, I am worth the wait. 

Once you have discovered BDSM you cannot un-know what you have found out about yourself. For me, seeing a man squirm & squeal at my hands is highly pleasurable. I'm very much audio-erotic, so your noises turn me on. Screams and moans all push my buttons. I have so many devices and tools to extract those noises, I will get them out of you willingly or otherwise.

Femdom, brighton dominatrix, gatwick domme, bdsm blog, whips, bondage, dungeon, latex fetish, boots

My brand of BDSM

Well mannered, and well spoken. With a quiet voice that permeates your soul and melts your heart. I am more elegant & subtle than loud & aggressive. Silence can be highly unnerving, a whispered threat is no less intimidating when you are restrained. Very intelligent, cool & calm demeanour, I will lull you into false sense of security in no time at all. My deliciously cruel smile is my trademark. It gives away how happy I am when we play, when I hurt you. 6ft in heels I am statuesque. Slim and curvaceous. Intimidating without even trying. 

Femdom, brighton dominatrix, gatwick domme, bdsm blog, whips, bondage, dungeon

Safety first

Submitting and handing me control of your body and mind can be freeing in the extreme. We can play lightly or go hard and heavy. I am very conscientious in my role. You're safety & well-being is paramount to me. I will never risk your body or mind. But I will find its respective limits. I am very hygienic and use surgical grade cleaning products on my wide range of toys and equipment. 

Time with me, will put you very much in the here and now. All other worries will have to wait outside. Your brain will be in survival mode while locked in a room with me.

To be led astray, walk this way

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Mistress Catriona LeBeau

London & Brighton (United Kingdom)

Email mistresscatlebeau@gmail.com Tel: +447768 605534

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