Levels of Hell


REAL TIME: For the voyeurs. I have a confinement cell in my dungeon. With a hole for you to look through, and another hole for your "appendage".  You can watch me work, watch me destroy another male ego. While confined, hidden & helpless.

ONLINE:  You can request custom images / video call sessions via my Contact page. I can torment you through a screen and make you MINE.

I can control you from the other side of the world. Make an appointment via my contact page.

Price of perversions


Many of you are not ready, or able to book an in person experience. Talking is a good way to begin serving me. Tributes are always applicable if you want more than a moment of my time.

REAL TIME: "Perversion Management" sessions. Where you lay on a couch & I prod around in you mind with a sharp stick. 

Arrange a dinner meeting to talk about your inner bitch that wants to be owned.

ONLINE: Phone appointments can be arranged. To give voice to your darkest desires. And to hear my voice creeping into your ear. I'd love to hear you BEG!  

Text / Email / Voice messages for regular Online domination is another option. 

Hear my voice


Dungeon sessions.

Get on your knees. Don't speak unless spoken to!

Hardcore BDSM for pain sluts


Soft & sensual - Tie & tease.

I offer many types of sessions. Such as:

Foot /Shoe / Leg/ Stockings worship

Corporal punishment


Strapon training



Light medfet

Chastity & denial 

Facesitting (clothed)

Anal exam / anal invasion

Wax play

Sensory deprivation

Nipple torture

Slave training

(List not exhaustive)

Dungeon choices