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Q. Does Mistress really enjoy this?

A. I only accept sessions that interest and excite me. So yes, if I've accepted your booking I'm planning to have a good time while I break you. My trademark is my smile. You will see on my face how excited it makes me to toy with you. My eyes light up, a smile curls on my lips.. that's how you get to make me happy. That's how you serve a purpose. 

Q. How should I address you? 

A. In correspondence as Miss Catriona or Miss Cat or in session simply "Mistress"

Q. What are your Hard limits Mistress?

A. Good question! All the obvious ones. No intimate contact with me. I will never be naked. No SCAT. (Though watersports are possible with the right receptacle.) You can't watch me have sex. Cuckolding is not my kink. Mainly as I don't have an exhibitionist streak, not because it offends me. Someone with NO LIMITS is a hard limit for me. Anything that puts you at risk of permanent damage is not going to be okay with me. Keep it SAFE SANE & CONSENSUAL! 

Q. Do you offer same day bookings? 

A. I rarely have short notice availability. But when I do, I post on Twitter to fill the  space. So I suggest you follow me there. (Link via icon at bottom of the page.)

Q. Can you arrange Double Domme sessions? 

A. Yes with enough notice. But please note - as so many peoples time is at stake the session must be paid in full before hand.

Q. I don't live near Sussex, how can I see you? 

A. I'm worth walking over hot coals for.. Get on a train, a plane.... Or sponsor my trip to your city. 

Q. My thoughts might shock you Mistress?

A. Unlikely. I'm unshockable. The worst that can happen is that I ignore you. Then you are no worse off than you are now. 

Any more Questions?