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Decisions, decisions..

I am a Guest Domme at 2 well established Sussex dungeons.  Brighton Dungeon and Gatwick Dungeon. One is close to London Gatwick airport. (Click the button below to find more details on each). Occasionally I can be persuaded to visit high quality hotels. I can 

My Dungeons


You just need to bring yourself. But if you have particular toys or clothing you enjoy, feel free to bring it along. The dungeons I session from are well stocked with an array of whips, paddles, floggers, canes etc. There is also a spanking bench, a cage for naughty bitches, St Andrews cross. As well as an area for sensual play. 

I have a personal collection of strapon dildos, electro toys, restraints, hoods, chains, clamps, enema kit, Sissy clothing ....this list is not exhaustive, so ask if there's anything you cant see here. More than likely I have it.


Q. So how should I proceed if I want to book?

A. Make sure you have read all the info on my website, so that you don't start off on a bad footing by asking me questions that I have taken the time to highlight on here. Then email me with information about YOU & your EXPERIENCE & your KINKS / INTERESTS. I will then review to see if we would be a good match and go from there.

Q. Do you offer same day bookings? 

A. I rarely have short notice availability. But when I do, I post on Twitter to fill the  space. So I suggest you follow me there. (Link via icon at bottom of the page.)

Q. Can you arrange Double Domme sessions? 

A. Yes with enough notice. But please note - as so many peoples time is at stake the session must be paid in full before hand.

Q. Can I see you naked? 

A. No. CFNM is how this works.

Q. So no sex?

A. Correct. No sex! Do not ask or you will be sorry you did.

Q. Can I reach any kind of climax?

A. ....Not one your going to enjoy!

If there is anything else you'd like to ask, hit the button below to drop me a message. 

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