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I am a Guest Domme at 2 well established Sussex dungeons.  Brighton Dungeon and Gatwick Dungeon. One is close to London Gatwick airport. (Click the button below to find more details on each). Occasionally I can be persuaded to visit high quality hotels. I can also visit other dungeons in the U.K near you if you wish to sponsor my trip. 


I session during the week. For players known to me, I can make weekend arrangements. The other perks of being mine are discussed in my blog post here

Please check my Twitter for updates on my availability. Tours, cancellations, special events will be listed there. @CatrionaLeBeau


Some of you want to LOOK. Some want to TALK and then there are those that want to PLAY and get it ALL. 

There are 3 levels of ways to worship me. Newbies and broken-in players are all welcome. It's attitude that is important not experience. 

ONLINE CHASTITY & DENIAL training is a perfect way to submit to me from near or far. 

SPH is something else I can do from a distance. Laughing at your pointless manclit is the only way it can serve a purpose. 

If you just want to LOOK - You can tribute for customised images that include your specific fetishes.

If you just want to TALK - You can Email, text or call. We can talk about your interests and explore options. Or we can arrange online domination with the requisite tribute.

Or we can PLAY at the dungeon. As long as session is built around my interests, with some of yours catered to also. I will be glad to arrange time with you. For tribute fees go here > 

To begin... Please follow these steps

It is really simple, if you follow instructions well this is not a complicated process.:

1. After reviewing the info on my website, email me with reciprocal information about YOU & your EXPERIENCE & your KINKS / INTERESTS / LIMITS. Include any questions you want answers to. I don't mind questions at all. When they are kept concise.

2. I will then review to see if you have interests that match mine. If so I'll reply and send you details of my fees, my hard limits, rules and next steps. 

3. To confirm the booking arrange deposit / tribute without delays, excuses or negotiation. Until you send that deposit someone else can book the space. I don't "hold" session spaces. If you aren't sure don't even ask for my time in the first place.

PRO TIP: WAIT patiently for a response. Don't hassle me. 

Always respect my time. Expecting anything from me for free is unacceptable. 

One word that will you do well to remember. EFFORT! It is rare so it gets my attention. Be a better version of you for me, I deserve the best you. No less will be tolerated.