From my real subs

dominatrix, dungeon, whips, spanking bench

sub #13

Mistress was a stunning dominatrix. I have never before witnessed such a beautiful woman or been in the presence of such greatness. Mistress greeted me in a tight fitting black latex rubber dress which showed her amazing figure brilliantly. Mistress wore black leather high heels which made her taller than me and oozed authority. All Mistresses photos are all 100% accurate however I would say that Mistress is even better in person.

Mistress has a firm but fair personality and although i felt comfortable in her presence. I felt that I needed to please her in order not to feel her wrath. I hoped that I pleased Mistress and hope that she would see me again. Mistress was chatty and put me at ease instantly as it was my first time submitting to her. Instructions were given with clear direction. Mistress does not have a severe voice but a personable one but that could quickly change. I was instructed to shine up Mistress' tight black latex dress. Afterwards there was some mild whipping and then some CBT was administered. After this I was instructed to worship Mistress' feet and latex which was incredible. 

sub #21

The photographs on the gallery do not do this lady justice. She has charm, charisma and sex appeal in abundance.

Miss Cat was dressed in a black number, black stockings but soon was helped into the most attractive latex dress I have seen on a domme. 

Shy, she is definitely not. She exudes a quiet confidence.

MIss C had an assertive manner that moved from friendly persuasion to stricter commands. Miss Cat will always be in control but has the unique quality of outgoing enjoyment rather than the absolute dominance of other ladies offering this service. I asked and received an erotic, mild bdsm session with my toys supplemented by some of her restraints.
We played in the bedroom rather than booking a dungeon as the style of session was more suited to that setting.

On arrival we chatted over a glass of white wine and took time to explore & discuss expectations.
Miss Cat is an experienced domme with a small number of regular and very lucky subs. Don't be mislead by her apparent "newness" to the scene. There is a depth of knowledge and care that mark her out as a true professional.
I was a little concerned at times that her style would be more flog than erotic but with excellent two-way communication we both had an excellent session and learnt from each other.
Without doubt this lady will become one of the elite domme's. She is adaptable, has a wonderful body and the right balance of serious business woman and fun, enthusiastic sadist. 

sub #69

Mistress Cat is a mature, measured, intuitive woman mid to late 30’s athletic toned body and a cleavage to take punishment and pain for.

Very pretty face with shoulder length hair. Her photos are accurate, but in my view they do not do her justice.

Miss C is a real connoisseur of BDSM and loves to make a sub suffer for her pleasure.

She takes time to understand what you are into and if there is a “match” you may get to see her, so in that she is empathetic but on her terms.

She can be stern and severe but that is what I want from a Domme, she has a lovely smile as she takes her pleasure from your suffering.
She is mainly interested in impact play, i.e. canes whips and paddles etc.
After that she enjoys electro and strap on play – she loves penetrating her sub anally making him take all she wants to give.

These may be her main “kinks” but is happy to dish out many other aspects of BDSM play. 

sub #82

Mistress is a truly stunning woman. She was wearing office wear on first meeting but soon changed into more erotic Mistress clothing once our session began. Having seen her suitcase of clothes and toys I hope that I may someday be granted permission to see her in her pic dress or maybe some sensual lingerie. 

Mistress truly enjoys her work. I thoroughly enjoyed her using and punishing me. The pleasure she got from hurting me with her kinky toys showed on her face. She smiled as she turned up the power on the E-stim machine wrapped around my shaft. She has a smile, a face and a body which any slave will simply be delighted to suffer for.

Mistress offers a session around your needs, and seems willing to push the boundary of it too. She had little hesitation in pushing my limits which was a turn on in its self. Mistress mostly punished me through the play of an E-stim toy on my shaft which was a first for me, and both pleasure and pain.
I hope one day she will push me so hard that I will have to use the safe word and find my limits.

Mistress was stunning in both appearance and personality. The only issue was the session was it being too short. You will want to spend as long as possible in her servitude.
I was able to shower after the session and left knowing that I would want to return to her feet. Someday hopefully.
Thank you Mistress. 

sub #11 - diary entry


Yes Mistress You DO seem to have this slave right good and proper I know its not been long but there is something about You this boy cannot resist, You have woken something in me I thought was lost and I am so happy You have brought me back to life, and I am proud too be feeling the discomfort of Your attention and will endeavour to explain all my feelings emotions and how i feel physically as we move on  controlling Your slave.

This morning as you texted me Your question the reaction was so immediate and severe in fact now every time you contact me or I am doing  something for you (just like now) the same thing happens, I’m not embarrassed telling You this Mistress, I have to say this slave has not had such strong reactions like this for over it must be fifteen years, including any time serving other Mistress nothing comes close! I think its because I believe You genuinely enjoy and are interested in this slave, something that was terribly lacking in previous D/s relationships.

sub #11 - diary entry

I always make sure I arrive in good time, being late is simply not an option, I was instructed to wait in the car park outside the dungeon until summoned, my body was tense and my heart was pounding in my chest, as I await  Her summons, upon hearing the command to enter my head went completely  blank, I lost co-ordination for a moment and just wasn’t sure what to do, such is the power this glorious Lady has over me.

After a few seconds I managed to regain my composure, got out the car and enter the dungeon as I walked through the door I was confronted with an exceptional vision standing before me that took my breath away, Mistress standing before me I could not get over the shock of seeing Her before me dressed in very sexy Black lingerie, stockings and suspenders, and high heels Mistress  was a total vision of perfection She is most incredibly beautiful, stunning, completely alluring and most elegant Women I have ever seen. A true Goddess with no equal. 

Just standing there open mouthed I honestly did not know what to do my mind was completely blank as I tried to stutter out words of greeting  I felt like a young boy asking a girl out for the first time. Mistress has such a calm passive way about Her She quietly told me to strip, urgently I complied with her instructions, clothes removed I stood before Her naked apart from the Chasity device I’m wearing, as Mistress is strictly controlling me and keeping me only for Her.

So overwhelmed By Her, especially since I have not been permitted any orgasms in weeks I was somewhat surprised there was no significant disturbance from within the chastity cage, upon reflecting on this I think it was because I was concentrating so hard on Mistress and what she was saying that nothing was permeating below my ears.

Told to mount the whipping bench all I could hear Her walking slowly towards me, the sound of Her heels ringing inside my head as She strapped my arms and legs tightly to the bench, my fate is sealed  now I’m totally at my Mistresses mercy.

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